Tip of the Day: A Legend Reborn

Today's tip...

I stumbled across this blog and wanted to share it. Should be pretty interesting no matter when you were born or what you were doing twenty-two years ago.


The Microsoft IntelliMouse was originally released in 1996. Everyone loved its design: asymmetric form, sculpted buttons and <gasp> finger rests! The IntelliMouse continued to wow and adapt until the last model launched in 2003.


The blog includes the following:

  • IntelliMouse history
  • Explanation of why now
  • What’s changed
  • What’s next
  • And an interesting commercial


Reference: “A legend reborn: Microsoft brings back the iconic mouse, the Classic IntelliMouse” - https://blogs.windows.com/devices/2018/06/26/a-legend-reborn-microsoft-brings-back-the-iconic-mouse-the-classic-intellimouse/#1BtfEOhpiUw42y7f.97


Buy one here: Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse  - https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/mice/microsoft-classic-intellimouse

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