Tip of the Day: RDmi + Azure Security Center Threat Detection

Today's tip...

I thought this would be great opportunity to demonstrate how customers can leverage multiple Azure services to benefit and secure their existing Azure infrastructure.

As announced in First look at updates coming to Remote Desktop Services the Remote Desktop Services modern infrastructure (RDmi) enables a multi-tenant infrastructure to be deployed as Azure App Services which manage connections from RD clients to multiple isolated RD tenant environments

Azure  App Services  enables customers to build and host web applications in the programming language of their choice without managing infrastructure. Azure App Service offers auto-scaling, high availability, and supports both Windows and Linux.

Per Azure Security Center can identify attacks targeting Azure App Service applications customers can leverage the visibility that Azure has as cloud provider, Security Center analyzes App Service internal logs to identify attack methodology on multiple targets.

In this example customers can utilize Azure Security Center threat detection to monitor, identify and prevent attacks against RDmi infrastructure.


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