(Cloud) Tip of the Day: The 3 ways Azure improves your security

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Azure provides value in three key areas – a secure foundation that is provided by Microsoft, built-in security controls to help you quickly configure security across the full-stack, and unique intelligence at cloud scale to help you safeguard data and respond to threats in real-time.

  • Azure’s secure foundation - Microsoft invests over a billion dollars annually into cybersecurity, including the Azure platform, so you can allocate your IT budget and resources towards other business-critical initiatives.
  • Azure’s built-in security controls - Even with the secure foundation that Azure provides, security is ultimately a joint responsibility between Microsoft and our customers. When you put your workloads and data on Azure, we recommend you follow security best practices. Azure has built-in security controls to help you get protected faster across identity, network, data and tools to help you with security management and threat protection
  • Azure’s unique intelligence - In a world of evolving threats, the size of the threat dataset is both large and constantly changing. Since we are all working together to combat against cyberattacks, we need to leverage collective intelligence to help us keep pace with threats. The Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph brings together signals from many Microsoft products used at massive scale, including data from 450 billion authentications per month, 4 billion emails and 1 billion devices—to provide the intelligence you need to protect from evolving threats.
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