Tip of the Day: System Center Updates Publisher adds support for new OSes

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You’ve been asking for it. Well, it’s finally here! On March 21st, the SCUP update was released!

 This release of SCUP adds support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.  For detailed information about supported operating systems and prerequisites, see the Install Updates Publisher topic.  While the core functionality in this release remains the same as SCUP 2011, the update catalog format has been enhanced to provide a better experience for users when consuming large update catalogs.

Improvements include:

  • Indexing for quicker imports of previously imported catalogs –  Catalog producers can now index their catalogs. This will allow users to more quickly import large catalogs containing few new updates.  
  • Inclusion of signing certificates within updates catalogs – Catalog producers can now include signing certificates with their updates catalogs.  This enables users to add the certificates to the trusted publishers list during import so that approval prompts will not block publish operations. 

 Note: While the prior catalog format is still supported, catalog producers will need to add information to their existing catalogs to take advantage of these improvements.

  • Signature Timestamp – Updates published to a WSUS server will by default have the signature time-stamped.  Note, this functionality requires internet access. If you have upgraded from preview 1 this will not be automatically enabled.  To enable or disable this functionality or configure the timestamp server that is used, see the Advanced page under Options


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