(RDS) Tip of the Day: Azure Standard support now offers the highest value support for production workloads amongst major cloud providers

Today's tip...

Our Azure customers have three common needs from their cloud support plan:

  • A fixed monthly cost that is affordable and simple to forecast
  • Fast response time for critical cases
  • A plan that covers their entire organization and eliminates guesswork in how many support plans are needed and who can use them

We are pleased to announce important updates for Azure Standard support. With these changes, Azure now offers the most cost effective and predictable support offering amongst major cloud providers.

Azure Standard support now includes:

  • A significant price drop to a fixed cost of $100 USD per month, so forecasted support costs are completely predictable
  • Faster initial response time, now at 1 hour for critical cases
  • Continuing our current offering of unlimited 24x7 technical and billing support for your entire organization

Click here for more details, eligibility, and frequently asked questions.



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