(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Create activity log alerts on service notifications

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When Azure experiences a service interruption, we proactively inform impacted customers using toast notifications in the Azure Portal as well as posting details to the Azure Status page.

However, you can also receive an alert via e-mail, SMS, or webhook when Azure sends service health notifications to your Azure subscription. You can configure the alert based on:

  • The class of service health notification (incident, maintenance, information, etc.).
  • The service(s) affected.
  • The region(s) affected.
  • The status of the notification (active vs. resolved).
  • The level of the notifications (informational, warning, error).

You also can configure who the alert should be sent to:+

  • Select an existing action group.
  • Create a new action group (that can be used for future alerts).

To learn more about action groups, see Create and manage action groups.

For information on how to configure service health notification alerts by using Azure Resource Manager templates, see Resource Manager templates.

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