Tip of the Day: Adobe Acrobat High DPI

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Adobe Acrobat DC (2017) is now per-monitor DPI aware. This means that PDF files (and the Acrobat UI) will be sized correctly on any display, especially in docking/undocking/RDP scenarios. Before this most recent update (version 17.012.20093) Acrobat was one of those apps that would be huge or tiny whenever the app was moved to a display with a different monitor or you undocked, etc.

This is good news because it is one more important desktop app on Windows that is doing the right thing, DPI scaling wise, and because our Surface users will have a better experience.

The effort to get Acrobat updated went rather smoothly. We consulted with Adobe over the past several months while they were working on this update, answering questions and unblocking them.

You can download the latest version of Acrobat from here:


To get the latest update that has the proper DPI scaling you have to also check for updates after Acrobat is installed.

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  1. jivansutra says:

    Thanks Shannon for letting us know about this product.

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