(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure Managed Applications

Today’s tip… Azure Managed Applications enable Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, and enterprise IT teams to deliver fully managed, turnkey cloud solutions that can be made available through the Azure Marketplace or through the enterprise service catalog of a specific end-customer. In this blog, we’re focusing on the Azure Marketplace…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Which Azure Region?

Today’s tip… With 42 announced regions worldwide, each with different capabilities; deciding which Azure Datacenter to deploy your workload to can be a complicated decision.  Fortunately, we make it easy to view which features and products are available in each region. In Azure PowerShell, you can use Get-AzureRmLocation and Get-AzureLocation to get details on the…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Announcing new Azure Government capabilities for classified mission-critical workloads

Today’s tip… We recently announced at the Microsoft Government Cloud Forum in Washington D.C., a number of important advances for Azure Government, the dedicated cloud for our U.S. Government customers and their partners. We’re expanding our support for highly-classified workloads, delivering advanced technologies like Blockchain and support for High Performance Computing, and increasing our available…


Tip of the Day: S2D on VMware

Today’s tip… Ever wondered if S2D is supported on VMware? We have recently published updated guidance on our support along with a subset of features/configurations that are supported in a virtualized environment (both Hyper-V and VMware). Don’t know what S2D is? Check this out. Reference: “Using Storage Spaces Direct in guest virtual machine clusters” -…


Tip of the Day: Windows Server 2016 Update Questions Answered

Today’s tip… Question: My customer noticed that Microsoft has moved to monthly updates for Windows. They would like to know why there was a move to monthly updates and if they should be expecting a Service Pack for Windows Server 2016? Answer: Great questions. Microsoft moved to monthly updates to improve product quality and remove…


Tip of the Day: Windows Hello For Business Documentation Available

Today’s tip… In Windows 10, Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication on PCs and mobile devices. This authentication consists of a new type of user credential that is tied to a device and uses a biometric or PIN. Windows Hello for Business lets user authenticate to an Active Directory or Azure…


Tip of the Day: Surface Book 2

Today’s tip… Click on this video and the below blog for more information. Reference: “Introducing Surface Book 2, the most powerful Surface Book ever” –  https://blogs.windows.com/devices/2017/10/17/introducing-surface-book-2-the-most-powerful-surface-book-ever/#V8uG5l7duYkTQizd.97