(RDS) Tip of the Day: Windows productivity tip: File Explorer – Command Prompt and back from the current directory

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This has been within Windows for a few years now and not many users are aware of feature.

Often some of the stuff we do is quicker/easier to do from the command line, though other times it's much quicker using a GUI.  Wouldn't it be great if you could easily switch from one to the other without having to navigate to the current folder you're working with?

From File Explorer you can drop down into the command line from the current folder by simply typing "cmd" into the command bar and pressing Enter.

Or, if you're already at the command line and want to open that folder within File Explorer, type "start ." and then [ENTER]


Comments (6)

  1. That’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing, Shannon. 🙂

  2. Very gud information , I was not aware of this . thankyou

  3. The Rss file and htm, xml and the xaml and http://www.http file the DOS file are files of the internet windows explorer.

  4. FZB says:

    nice one, wasn’t aware of this one. and it works with typing powershell as well as cmd 🙂

  5. Bismarck says:

    You can also do the same with “powershell” and press enter. Thanks for the tip.

  6. turbomcp says:

    nice one

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