Tip of the Day: High DPI Improvements for Desktop App Developers in Windows 10 Creators Update

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Video Description: Display technology and usage scenarios have changed significantly since the time when many desktop app technologies were first introduced. Many desktop UI frameworks on Windows have, historically, struggled to keep up with modern usage scenarios such as handling multiple displays with different DPI values or handling dynamic DPI changes (docking/undocking, RDP, mixed-DPI). This has resulted in desktop applications that can render blurry or be sized incorrectly. In this session, we'll discuss what Microsoft is doing to address these challenges, including new APIs and technologies targeted at high-DPI usage scenarios for desktop apps.

“High DPI Improvements for Desktop App Developers in the Windows 10 Creators Update” - https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Windows/Windows-Developer-Day-Creators-Update/High-DPI-Improvements-for-Desktop-Developers

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