(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure Key Vault Explorer

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Note: This is a Community Project. This is not supported by Microsoft.

On October 25th the Azure Key Vault Explorer tool was released to the general public under a MIT license. The code is open sourced at GitHub.

Azure Key Vault Explorer can be used to manage different Azure Key vault accounts, for managing keys and also to encrypt/decrypt content using the keys in the vault.

Some recent, new features include:

  • Open PowerShell session with currently selected vaults and quickly automate things
  • Custom required and optional tags per secret
  • Default and maximum expiration per secret kind and different coloring based on expiration period left
  • Export all or selected items to .tsv file for future analysis or reporting
  • Drag and Drop of certificates and secrets to / from Windows Explorer or another instance of Vault Explorer
  • Custom tags as columns in the list view (Right click on columns header bar)
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