(SQL) Tip of the Day: Introducing SQL Azure H Series DTU Extensions

Today’s Tip…

Need that extra boost for a specific query you are running but don’t want to fully scale your database? Try the H series DTU extension. This works by adding a small hamster on a wheel to your database node giving you that extra boost as your newly added hamster runs on his wheel to really crank those DTUs out, see an example below of this in action:


As you can see this little guy can really crunch numbers. We will be offering H1 through H5 tiers (one through five wheels attached respectively). You can add this via TSQL:


WARNING! Please do not leave your H level higher than 0 for more than 15 minutes as you can wear the hamsters out with large compute loads.

(This is a joke, please don’t try to add hamsters to your computers, no animals were harmed in the writing of this tip)

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