(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure Subscriptions & Azure AD FAQ

Today’s Tip…

Check out the following blog @ https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ad/2016/02/26/azure-ad-mailbag-azure-subscriptions-and-azure-ad-2/ that answer these top questions…

  • Question 1: I’m a Global Administrator for my Azure AD, so why am I getting this error and how can I make it go away?
  • Question 2: Tenant, directory, subscription, account… lots of new terms here. Can you explain Microsoft Azure more simply for me?
  • Question 3: What is the relationship between Azure services and Azure AD?
  • Question 4: How do MSA and Office 365 subscriptions figure in that explanation?
  • Question 5: Can I view or edit the list of Azure subscriptions to which I have administrative access, along with the corresponding Azure AD directories that each of those subscriptions is associated?
  • Question 6: Why can I not see the “Edit directory” button on some or all of the subscriptions on this list?
  • Question 7: I have an active paid O365 subscription. However, when I log into the Azure management portal, I get the frustrating gray box error (“No subscriptions found”). How is that fair?
  • Question 8: I don’t have a paid O365 subscription, but I have paid for EMS, Azure AD Premium, Intune or some other Microsoft online service. However, when I log into the Azure Management Portal, I get the dreaded gray box error (“No subscriptions found”). How is that fair?
  • Question 9: I have an Azure AD directory that I manage using an Azure AD account that is a global admin of that directory. I later created an Azure subscription with my MSA. Is there any way I can manage both my Azure AD directory and the subscription’s default directory using the same MSA login?
  • Question 10: I have multiple Azure subscriptions. How do I move them under a single Enterprise Agreement (EA)?

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