Tip of the Day: Adding and Keeping Columns in File Explorer

Today’s Tip…

Ever get the urge to clean up your photos, music, or video content? Like (or want) to have them in specific columns in File Explorer? And once you get things the way that you want them, how do you keep them? This all can be done in a few, simple steps.

For this example, let’s use Music.

  • Right-click on your Music parent folder.
  • Select Properties and then click on the Customize tab.
  • Make sure that the you have the box next to Also apply this template to all subfolder checked.


  • Click Ok to exit.
  • In the Music parent folder, right click on any of the current column headers to open the column customization menu.


  • If there are additional attributes you’d like that aren’t listed, click on More.


  • I’m adding Genre and Year to my columns.


  • My list is currently set up to list the tracks in play order, with all the attributes visible I want to see. To make this apply to all folders associated to Music, click on the View tab in File Explorer.
  • Click on Options and then Change folder and search options.


  • Click on the View tab in the Folder Options pop-up window. Click on Apply to Folders. A pop-up will ask you if all folders of this type should get these settings. To make these settings visible on all Music folders, click Yes.


  • To verify, I look at a couple albums, and see that my changes are present.



The same process and customization can be completed on for your pictures, documents, or any folder.

Have fun with it and let your inner control freak out!

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