Tip of the Day: Display Scaling in Windows 10

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Display scaling has been a hot issue on the forums. Here’s a great blog from a Microsoft Senior Program Manager in the Developer Platform Group. It’s a great blog, describing how it works and how users will benefit from what has been done in Windows 10!

Ask the Core Team Blog: “Display Scaling in Windows 10” - http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2015/12/08/display-scaling-in-windows-10.aspx

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  1. Matt says:

    Rafal – I agree with your experience unfortunately. We have a fleet of of Surface Pro 3’s and 4’s (SP3 – 2160×1440), and use them with the docking station and twin 23" external monitors (1920 x 1080). I myself run have an SP3 with that same setup.

    Most times it works fine – the SP3 detects the external monitors, and text is crisp and good across all 3 monitors. Other times, inexplicably, it’s blurry and fuzzy. Or the scaling is just completely out of wack. Or weird things happen: example – the longer
    you stay logged on (just sleeping the SP3 each night), the wider the Outlook Reminder window grows. Every day, it grows a little bit wider. And you cannot resize it. I have no idea why it does that. I don’t know if it’s an OS issue or an Office issue, nor
    do I particularly care.

    Unfortunately, while these are minor issues for IT-savvy folk, they’re complete deal-breakers for non-IT staff. It is confusing when their monitors don’t behave the way they expect, especially when they’ve not changed anything. Blurry text is not something
    we can tolerate for our staff when they’re in front of their PCs all day. Worse, there’s no reliable fix that we’ve found for it – you restart the Surface a couple of times, unplug the dock and reboot it, power off the monitors, etc – sometimes it comes back
    good, sometimes not.

    However, credit where credit’s due. Win10 handles multi monitors and multi-DPI scaling is MUCH better than previous versions of the OS. So Microsoft are making good headway here, and that’s very much appreciated. Unfortunately it’s just not reliable enough
    in the real world to roll it out yet. Hopefully it can be addressed soon, because I’d love to roll out SP4’s to our team.


  2. Rafal says:

    Unfortunelly I have many problems with display scalling on Win10 Enterprise. Cople of examples:
    1. laptop 14" (1920×1080) 125% scalling + monitor 23" (1920×1980) 100% scalling – outlook 2013 on monitor is blurry, When you leave only screen on monitor and you logout and log in, outlook is ok.
    2. When I unplug monitor and I go to the meeting, applications don’t remember that I have set 125% scalling. Everything on laptop is small. And again, I have to logout and log in once again.

    To sum up: First I though that this function is brilliant, but finally I’m not happy on it.

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