(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure VM Scale Sets public preview

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We have announced the public preview of Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets. VM Scale Sets are an Azure Compute resource you can use to deploy and manage a collection of virtual machines as a set. Scale sets are well suited for building large-scale services targeting big compute, big data, and containerized workloads – all of which are increasing in significance as cloud computing continues to evolve.

Scale set VMs are configured identically, you just choose how many you need, which enables them to scale out and in rapidly and automatically. Integrating with Azure Insights Autoscale, they provide true autoscale with no need to pre-provision VMs, allowing you to use only the compute resources your application needs at any time. You can deploy VM Scale Sets using Azure Resource Manager templates and they support Windows and Linux platform images, as well as custom images and extensions. VM Scale Sets also integrate with Azure networking resources such as Load Balancers and Network Security Groups, making it easy to spread workloads across the VMs of a VM Scale Set, and to configure NAT rules so that you can connect to specific VM instances for troubleshooting.

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