(Cloud) Tip of the Day: New Azure compliance certifications in United States, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand

We are pleased to announced 4 new compliance certifications for Azure in the US, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.  These certifications bring Azure to 22 total certifications across enterprise and global markets.

These certifications will continue to support multiple expansion efforts underway in government, defense and smart city in these markets.



United States Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Level 2


Segment –United States Department of Defense


Azure (public) has been granted a DISA Provisional Authorization for Cloud Security Model Level 2 under a reciprocal agreement with the FedRAMP JAB. This certification attests to Azure’s compliance with required standards as dictated by DoD Instruction 8500.01 and 8510.01, the Security Requirements Guide, CDSSI 1253, and NIST 800-37 / 53.  This certification opens Azure to basic defense applications such as web sites.



Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTSC) Level 3


Segment –Singapore government and enterprises


Azure (public) has achieved level 3 certification with the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard for Singapore (MTCS SS), an ISO 27001-based standard covering data retention and sovereignty, developed under the Singapore Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC). Level 3 is designed for regulated organizations with the most stringent security requirements around HBI data.  This certification opens Azure to winning business from the Singapore government.



Japan Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC)


Segment – Japanese financial services institutions


Azure (public) has been assessed to meet the requirements for The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) in Japan. The guidance includes recommendations for banking computer systems security, information system audits, contingency planning, and security policy development. This self-attestation opens Azure to winning business from Japanese Banks & Financial Institutions. 



New Zealand Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO)


Segment – New Zealand Government


Azure (public) has been assess to meet the requirements for The New Zealand (NZ) Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) framework covering security and privacy of cloud services related to data sovereignty, governance and incident response.  This self-attestation opens Azure to winning business from New Zealand government and enterprises.


Check out the Microsoft Azure Trust Center for more details on how we build our trusted cloud.

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