Tip of the Day: Ignite – Day 2 Highlights

Today’s Tip…Ignite Day 2 Highlights – Scouring the schedule so you don’t have to!

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Windows 10

Top Features of Windows 10

In this demo-heavy session, see why you need to start thinking: Windows 10. The answer to every question will be Windows 10, but what are the questions? How do you deliver a more secure standard operating environment? How do you make mobility familiar for all your users? What changes the deployment conversation? What changes the app conversation? How do you “mobilize” Win32 applications? What changes the way you manage device lifecycles? What changes how you buy your devices? There will be prizes, there will be fun and you’ll be ready, set for the rest of your Windows 10 experience at Microsoft Ignite.

Deploying Windows 10: Back to Basics

Are you new to Windows deployment, or maybe just rusty? In this session, we review the tools that are available, explain all the acronyms, and explore best practices for deploying Windows 10. During the process, we show all the key tools that we recommend for building and customizing Windows 10 images, deploying Windows 10 images, provisioning new computers, and migrating from older operating systems like Windows 7.

Managing Windows 10: Back to Basics

Are you new to managing Windows devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones), or maybe just rusty? In this session, we review the management capabilities built into Windows 10; capabilities offered by Windows Server to complement the built-in capabilities; additional products like Microsoft System Center and Intune that provide the ability to manage large numbers of devices; and related services and tools.

Minasi's Guide to Managing Windows 10: New Windows, New Tools

Most who've seen Windows 10 say it's interesting, with multiple desktops, "Continuum" tablet/desktop split, Cortana, etc. It's "different" to manage—more so if you're not still supporting Windows 8.1. There's a smarter command line. Control Panel shares a stage with "Settings," a radical redesign of the finger-and-tablet-friendly "immersive" configuration tool that first appeared in Windows 8. The Windows 10 PowerShell includes over 100 new cmdlets, with one-liners to install apps from different sources, zip file creation and control, modern event tracking, a new way to get to modules, etc. Get the answers from veteran Windows watcher Mark Minasi in this quick yet complete look at cool new Tools of Control in Windows 10!

Preparing Your Infrastructure for Windows 10

So you want to deploy Windows 10 in your organization? While many organizations will be able to do this with little impact, there are some scenarios and features that can impact existing server, management, and network infrastructures. In this session, we take a look at those impacts so you know what to expect.

Getting Ready for Windows 10: Servicing Windows Client and Server in a Managed Environment Today

Join this session to hear best practices of consuming the various types of Windows Updates (Hotfixes, Security Updates, Update Rollups, etc.) in your business environment. This session helps you prepare for Windows 10 by adjusting processes and policies today, to consume our updates as intended while minimizing risk of failure.

What's New in Windows 10 Management and the Windows Store

Windows 10 continues to add new and improved management technologies, to ensure that Windows continues to be the best—and most flexible—operating system to manage. In this session, we talk about all the changes that are coming, including enhancements to built-in mobile device management protocols, new Windows Store and volume purchase program capabilities, sign-on capabilities with organizational IDs (Microsoft Azure Active Directory), sideloading and other app deployment enhancements, and new capabilities being added to other existing management technologies, such as PowerShell, WMI, etc.

Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: What’s Next

Windows 10 is not only for PCs! Do you want to know what is new in Windows 10 for phones and small tablets? This session gives you the overview you need to understand what Windows 10 brings to mobile devices. We extensively demonstrate the user experience, universal Office and apps, device management, security, and the enterprise app store on Windows 10 for phones.

Windows 10 and the Internet of Things

Join us as we introduce Windows 10 for the "Internet of Things" that targets industry devices, including security, deployment, management, and connectivity. Windows continues to be the platform for the a range of industry-class devices. In this session, we also introduce a new edition that brings Windows 10 for IoT devices, whatever the size, with the goal of meeting the minimum hardware requirements of other versions of Windows. Ready for a consistent and predictable user experience with your devices? We also cover that through advanced lockdown capabilities.

Server and Platforms

Platform Vision & Strategy (2 of 7): Server Virtualization Overview

Windows Server and Microsoft Azure are ushering in the next generation of computing for modern apps and cloud infrastructure. What are Containers? Nano Server? New in Hyper-V? Azure IaaS? Or how does this fit into Microsoft’s cloud strategy? Get the answers and more! Come learn about new capabilities in Windows Server, Hyper-V and Azure VMs.

Platform Vision & Strategy (3 of 7): Networking Overview

This is the third in a series of 7 datacenter platform overview sessions.

Platform Vision & Strategy (4 of 7): Storage Overview

This is the fourth in a series of 7 datacenter platform overview sessions

Platform Vision & Strategy (6 of 7): What’s New in System Center for Management

This is the 6th in a series of 7. Learn about the new features in System Center 2012 R2 and the rich enhancements provided with Microsoft Azure Operational Insights and Automation. Learn how the System Center leadership team envisions the datacenter of the future, what the most significant areas of System Center investments are, and how we will collaborate with the ecosystem.


Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IaaS

Come and get a tour of the leading features and capabilities of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks, which collectively make up the Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering.

An Overview of Microsoft Azure Networking Capabilities

This session provides an overview of networking technologies in Azure with a special focus on newer networking features that have been added to the platform. Topics covered include Azure Virtual Networks, high-speed dedicated connectivity, connectivity solutions for developers, and test-dev scenarios, among others.

Taking a Deep Dive into Microsoft Azure IaaS Capabilities

Learn what’s new in Azure including the resource provider, building applications using premium storage and others.

There were too many good sessions to include them all, so head out to Channel 9 for more viewing.

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