Tip of the Day: What Do You Know About Intune?

Today’s (Networking) Tip…

Enterprise mobility, and with it the need for convergent management solutions, is a part of today’s reality.  Mobile Device Management (MDM), which involves the administration of devices using platform-independent protocols developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), has emerged as the de-facto standard in this space.

Here are a few factoids to consider:

  • Intune is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Enterprise Management strategy and can be used to apply VPN and Wireless policies (among other things) to Windows PCs, tablets, and phones as well 3rd party devices.
  • Intune uses Microsoft’s Enterprise Device Management Protocol, which helps IT Administrators manage security policies and business applications while avoiding the compromise of user privacy on personally owned devices.
  • Intune can be configured as a standalone cloud-based service, or as a hybrid implementation, integrated using ADFS and a System Center Intune Connector.
  • Learn more and test it out yourself with a 30 day trial at here.


Figure 1: Deploying VPN Policies using Intune

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