Tip of the Day: More Message Analyzer 1.1: The Message Stack Tool Window

Today’s (Networking) Tip…

The Message Stack Tool Window is another in a long list of the useful tool and view customizations available in Message Analyzer. The content it displays is driven by the message selected in the primary Analysis Grid viewer.  The result is a separate display of the full stack for any message selected.

Did you know that, like other tool windows, the Message Stack window contains a number of options, allowing you to customize how you view its contents?

Table View

Provides a table view and includes three columns.

Message - displays the message number fort EACH message shown in the grid display.  Note that in addition to the response and request message pair, the display includes a hierarchical display of subsequent messages related to the selected session.

TIP -  Undocking allows you to maximize the tool window for easier viewing and analysis.

Module - displays the module name for each message / layer.

Summary - displays summary info for each message / layer.


Fig. 1: Table View

Tree View

Data is organized into a tree format that contains collapsible message nodes and summary information.


Fig. 2: Tree View

Visual Stack

Data is organized into a simple stack view with collapsible message nodes and summary information.  This view allows you to visualize how message fragments line up.


Tree with Field

Similar to Tree View, provides a different organization of summary info.


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