Tip of the Day: Demystifying MS14-045

Today’s Tip… Special thanks to Arren Conner and Joseph Conway

There have been several articles written about Microsoft’s August release of MS14-045. Unfortunately the majority of these articles are inaccurate and may lead users to a less secure state unnecessarily. The following is Microsoft’s official response.

The issue has been determined to be with untrusted fonts on the system during the time of the update. The specific KB Articles involved are as follows:

Microsoft has pulled the initial releases to further investigate the behavior in which fonts do not render correctly after the above updates are installed. The KB Articles are remain, but the download links have been removed.

For those who have the security bulletin installed and have not experienced any unexpected behavior, there is no action needed. The security bulletin, MS14-045, does not need to be uninstalled fi you are not experiencing any issues.

For those experiencing system crashes with a STOP 0x50 error message after the above security bulletin has been installed, a workaround has been provided in KB Article 2982791 (under Known Issue 3 – Mitigations).

***Note – If you do not experience any issues, you do not need to remove the security bulletin. Doing so unnecessarily leaves your system in a less secure state.***

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