Tip of the Day: Is a hotfix installed? Part 2

Today’s Tip…

Yesterday I sent out a tip about querying to see if a hotfix is installed by using SYSTEMINFO.  And while I did already sent a tip some time ago about how to do this using Windows PowerShell, I wanted to share some of the ideas that people sent in response.

Idea 1:

Get-Hotfix | Select HotFixID,InstalledOn | Sort-Object –Descending –Property InstalledOn | Out-File –FilePath “.\SERVERNAME-HotFixes.txt” –Append


For the ones who favor PowerShell in front of cmd.exe…


Idea 3:

Get-hotfix quickly became my choice since Server 2012 got out. And autocomplete in PowerShell takes away, to a large extent, the need to remember syntax.



Idea 4:


Idea 5:


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