WIMBoot Service

Today’s Tip…

Over the last couple of days I have been sending out tips about WIMBoot.  Today I will be building on that to talk about WOF.

WOF.SYS is a file system driver that makes all the WIMBoot magic happen.  It intercepts access to the Windows files to make sure we are reading the data from the WIM.  If you have the update installed, you should be able to locate WOF in the list of services.  Even if you are not using WIMBoot, you should see the service. 


Which brings us to the reason I wanted to do a tip about this.  If you see this service…DO…NOT…MONKEY…WITH…IT!

If you are actually using WOF.SYS and you disable it, your system will no longer be able to read Windows files during boot time.  You will likely boot to a STOP 0x0000006B.

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