Tip of the Day: Calendar and Folder Delegation in OWA

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…Calendar and Folder Delegation in OWA

Let's say you're about to go on vacation and you don't want to distract yourself from your fun, so you've decided to turn work email off on your phone and leave your laptop at home for this trip. Even though you're off having a good time, it's still business as usual in the office, and someone needs to check your email and calendar to make sure everything runs smoothly while you're away. This is where delegate access comes in. Whether you need your coworker to check your inbox or your admin to manage your calendar, the ability to give delegate access to your Exchange Online data is important. Historically, the ability to configure delegate access was available only in Outlook. Now, you're able to configure both folder permissions and calendar delegation directly from Outlook Web App in Office 365. ?

See http://blogs.office.com/b/office365tech/archive/2013/09/04/configuring-delegate-access-in-outlook-web-app.aspx for all the details.

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