(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Switching Office 365 Plans

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…

For a while, you can switch plans in Office 365 as long as they were within the same family.


Since December 19th, we have extended what is allowed and now you can switch plans across family plans.


Midsize to Enterprise did become available at the same time, however, was pulled back due to a bug.

How to switch plans

Let's take a look at how you can switch plans.

1. First, you select the licenses page in the Office 365 admin center. This will list your current subscription plans, and any subscriptions that are eligible for change will include the Switch plans link to the right as shown.


2. Once you choose switch plans you will see a list of the eligible plans that you can switch to.

3. After you select the new subscription, you enter your payment details to complete the purchase. During a switch plans operation, you will receive a credit for any unused payment from the original subscription.


4. The Switch plans wizard verifies the payment details and the new subscription order is placed.  We begin automatically adding the new subscription and reassigning all of the user licenses.  These steps can take a little time and it is important to stay on this web page and not refresh the browser during this time.  Once the switching process is complete, the previous subscription is cancelled.


5. Once this is completed, your Office 365 account will be ready to use with a new subscription and a new start date.

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