(Cloud) Tip of the Day: An outsider's perspective on our Cloud OS concept

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…An outsider's perspective on our Cloud OS concept

A very interesting article came through my inbox over the holidays. In it, a self-professed VMWare proponent said some really very interesting (and promising!) things about our Cloud plan. I recommend you check it out.

Some key quotes:

Microsoft sees what it is building as a similar concept, but on a scale that previously was nearly impossible to achieve. Microsoft's view is that it has achieved a collection of hypervisor, operating systems and applications that when combined provide multiple individual systems in multiple data centres working seamlessly together as one logical entity.

This is an operating system that gives you a single point of management and a single layer of APIs, storage interface and what-have-you stretching from your server closet to the local service provider to Microsoft's Azure data centres around the world.

When looked at from that angle, I can't help but agree that it deserves to be called a Cloud OS.

And then another one..

VMware – and, frankly, most VMware admins – are strictly infrastructure folks. They don't particularly care what is in the virtual machines they manage, so long as the VMware tools say the virtual machine is healthy. Dealing with operating systems, apps, end-users – that is Someone Else's Problem.

I would love to live in that world – you can't imagine how much I would love to have a job that easy – but users, managers and so forth see Gmail, Amazon Web Services and other such things "just work" as fully managed services and have come to expect the same from internal IT. Adapt or die.

And lastly…

With the Cloud OS concept, Microsoft's server folks finally have their heads screwed on straight and when it comes to standing up an on-premise private cloud, Microsoft mostly delivers.

Check out the full article at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/12/02/microsoft_cloud_os_analysis

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