(Cloud) Titanfall – Not without Azure!

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…

Not only is Azure enabling new business scenarios on the enterprise side of things, but it is also having a direct impact on Xbox gamers. Check out http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/10/titanfall-cloud-explained/ to see exactly how.

Key quotes that caught my attention:

"Back when we started talking to Microsoft about it, everyone thought it was kind of crazy and a lot of other publishers were terrified of even doing it," Shiring says. "I've heard that since our beta ended, they've been pounding down the doors at Microsoft because they're realizing that it really is a real thing right now." -Respawn engineer Jon Shiring

“Shiring tells us that when Respawn's offices in Los Angeles connect to the Azure data center in San Francisco, the average ping is 19ms to 20ms. "We're talking barely more than one rendering frame to get a message to the server and back again, which is outstanding"

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