(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Visual Studio Online

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…

Visual Studio Online is a set of development services and offerings, integrated with Windows Azure to help development teams create, deliver and manage next generation applications. Visual Studio Online provides easy access to Application Lifecycle Management capabilities across teams to support continuous application delivery and fast iterations of applications through deep insights.

Even cooler, for teams less than 5 people, Visual Studio Online is completely free. For example, I use it to manage the source code for my Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. This means I can access my source from any machine in the world without having to stand up my own GitHub, TFS, or other source control solution.

NOTE: Although not publically disclosed to the best of my knowledge, the Windows PG recently moved to using Visual Studio Online rather than continuing to us Product Studio. In my opinion, that’s a pretty rousing endorsement!

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