Tip of the Day: Want to learn more about STOP 9E?

Today’s Tip…

Do you know what to do if your system crashes with a STOP 9E? If not, you should watch this video!

Microsoft has begun publishing videos available on YouTube to provide additional information on System Crash Troubleshooting. Bob Golding, a Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, explains how a STOP 9E can occur and what you should do if you receive one. Bob describes that if you happen to look at  the resulting STOP 9E memory dump, you may see it pointing to the NETFT driver, but that driver is not to blame! He sums it up with what you should do if your system incurs a STOP 9E and provides several links to more information.

Click here to access the STOP 9E Explained Video.

URL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOJQEdmdSgw&list=UUH1zeTOjL_I4JnIl5x6IDBA&index=1

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