(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Mecklenburg County, NC, goes all in with Microsoft

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…Mecklenburg County, NC, goes all in with Microsoft

Given that our Charlotte, NC site is located in Mecklenburg County, NC, I thought the announcement that the local county is adopting our Devices and Services strategy was really encouraging.

According to the press release:

North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County has decided to go “all-in” with the Microsoft platform by deploying 6,500 seats of Microsoft Office 365, 175 Microsoft Surface Pro devices and 50 terabytes of Windows Azure. Together, these modern solutions have helped the county save time and money, and the county’s employees have responded positively to being able to work easily from virtually anywhere, anytime.

The quote that really impressed me was the one about the drop in storage costs:

Our storage costs used to be $21 per GB; now, with Windows Azure, we are around 30 cents per GB.”


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