(Cloud) Tip of the Day: New Basic images

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…New Basic images

We announced our new Basic instances at Build last week. The instances offer similar machine configurations as the Standard tier of instances offered today (Extra Small [A0] to Extra Large [A4]). These instances will cost up to 27% less than the corresponding instances in use today (which will now be called “Standard”) and do not include load balancing or auto-scaling, which are included in Standard. These instances are well-suited for production applications that do not require the Azure load-balancer (“bring-your-own load balancer” or single instance), development workloads, test servers and batch processing applications. Basic instances will have similar performance characteristics to AWS’s equivalent instances while the Standard instances will maintain their favorable performance.

NOTE:  Now that I have an additional person writing for Tip of the Day, you will start seeing more Cloud information.  Not all tips will be about the Microsoft Cloud, but more than previously.

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