Tip of the Day: MBAM 2.0 – Support for Win8

Today’s Tip…

You can upgrade the MBAM 2.0 server infrastructure from previous versions of MBAM either of the following methods:

Manual in-place server replacement – You must manually uninstall the existing MBAM server infrastructure, and then install the MBAM 2.0 infrastructure. If you are using MBAM with Configuration Manager, you must also remove the Configuration Manager objects. You do not need to remove the databases to do the upgrade. Instead, you select the existing databases, which were created by the previous version of the MBAM Client, and the MBAM 2.0 upgrade installation then migrates the existing databases to MBAM 2.0.

Distributed client upgrade – Clients can be upgraded over time. For in-place infrastructure upgrades, the MBAM 2.0 server supports the 1.0 clients. This support allows administrators to upgrade the server infrastructure first and then upgrade the clients over time.

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