Tip of the Day: Dual booting…and more booting

Today’s Tip…

Mostly I try to write tips about our latest products or something I’ve learned that makes me more productive. But sometimes I see someone do something small that’s been around for a while that I just didn’t think about using it that way. That is today’s tip.

For those of us that dual boot or triple boot (have multiple operating systems installed) or even boot from VHD (have operating systems installed on VHD files), you will understand this. When I switch from my Windows 2012 installation of Windows to one of the operating systems that I keep on VHD, I sit there and watch the shutdown, then watch the bootup, and pick the operating system or VHD that I want to boot to before the timer runs out.


I just hate waiting that long and I often get distracted by other people talking to me, phone ringing, or just someone jingling keys. When that happens I miss the prompt and end up booting into the wrong operating system. However, there has been a way to keep from doing this all along and I didn’t realize it. Simply bring up your advanced startup options, pick which boot manager option you want to use, and set it to default. Then when you reboot, you can go get a drink and when you come back it will be ready to go.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad hack, I didn’t consider using it to pick the OS before you bounce. Also, I have to admit I laughed at the jingling keys thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to provide a laugh 🙂

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