Tip of the Day: Looking for differences using Server Manager

Today’s Tip…

One of the cool things that the new Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 can do is grouping. I sometimes use it to find out what my servers are doing without having to start an RDP session with each one. First we need to add in a server (or several servers).


We can search AD or DNS for the servers we wish to manage.


Once in the list we can highlight the servers we want to look at. For long lists of server, we can even create searches to find specific servers in our list.


Now that we have a couple servers highlighted, we can go to the services list and see the state of each service on each server. When you are looking to keep your servers identical, this can give you a quick visual on where they might differ.


The same can be done for Roles and Features.


NOTE: It may be necessary to open up certain ports on the firewall of the server that you are looking to manage. Thankfully, we have very descriptive error messages about this.


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