Tip of the Day: BranchCache part3

Today’s Tip…

In addition to the BranchCache improvements from the previous two ‘tips’, the following improvements were made to the hosted cache mode and hosted cache servers in Windows Server 2012.

  • Deployment of multiple hosted cache servers. In the previous version of BranchCache, you were able to deploy only one hosted cache server per office location. Windows Server 2012 provides the ability to scale hosted cache mode deployments for offices of any size by allowing you to deploy as many hosted cache servers as are needed at a location.
  • Improved database performance. BranchCache now uses the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database technology that powers Microsoft Exchange Server. This allows a single hosted cache server to keep up with the demands of more people while using the same hardware. It also allows a hosted cache server to store significantly more data (on the order of terabytes), which is necessary to provide high optimization for large organizations.
  • No server certificate requirement. Previously, hosted cache servers were required to have a server certificate that was issued by a certification authority (CA) that client computers at the office location trusted. Deploying a public key infrastructure with one or more CAs is complex and expensive, and this requirement is now removed, because BranchCache security is improved with data encryption and other technologies.

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