Tip of the Day: Tracking Down Location of Modern Apps

Today’s tip…

Using Win 8 Task Manager to reveal the folder location of modern apps

On the Task Manager > Details tab

Adding the Package Name column (right click one of the existing column) will discover which process host  each Modern UI app.


WWAHost.exe is the process that hosts and executes a Windows Store app using JavaScript.

For apps that run under  native / manage code compiled process you will see the exact process running (like webcam.exe  that run the Camera app in the  picture above )

Right click the process and choose Open File location  to open the folder that contain the app files ( something like  C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Camera_xxx.x.xx.x.x… )

Please note that this folder is protected and you don’t have access to this folder by just browsing to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps – you will  get access denied message.

However using the Manager Open file location you will get to that folder.

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