Tip of the Day: DHCP PBA

Today’s tip…

Windows Server 2012 introduces Policy Based Assignment for DHCP. This new functionality allows administrators to better control IP assignment in their environment.

Example: Here is a small DHCP scope I created from to


Next I created policy for that scope with a condition for MAC addresses starting with 00-15-5D-0A-16 and set an IP address range of to


Now clients that hit my DHCP server with a MAC address range that my Hyper-V server is configured for will get addresses – Everyone else will get addresses from the remainder of the scope.

This means that I know by IP address which installations are running in VMs and which are physical.

Additional conditions can be used and be ADD’ed or OR’ed to the policy.


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  1. Harpreet Sachdeva (Harry) says:

    Nice piece of info. I have now become a fan of your Tip of the day 🙂 Keep it up and keep them coming !!!!!

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