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Windows To Go is a feature of Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise.  It allows you to boot Windows  from a WTG certified USB drive. 

When thinking about this feature consider the following scenario.  You create a “tools box” install for yourself on a drive and now you can take this home and boot it on your desktop machine for easy access to work without affecting your home machine. 

Here is summary of important points

  • Windows To Go is only supported with Windows 8 Enterprise
  • You must use a Windows To Go Certified drive to be supported.  Currently supported drives
  • Use pwcreator.exe to create the workspace.  You can use default install.wim from media or custom install.wim
  • Windows Store is disabled by default (licensing for Windows Store apps only allow 5 devices).  Can be enabled using group policy if you want
  • You must use KMS activation.  MAK activation won’t work and will eat up your activations J
  • Internal disks on the host machine are not visible
  • TPM not available.  Can add password protector to the WTG drive

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