Tip of the Day: Interactive Services Detection

Today’s tip…


You may notice that the Interactive Services Detection service will no longer start.  Why?


Windows Server 2012 no longer allows interactive services, by default, which makes the Interactive Services Detection service unnecessary.


If you must run a legacy application that installs an interactive service on Windows Server 2012, you may sacrifice server stability for compatibility by changing the following registry value from the default of "1" to "0".





After doing so and rebooting, the Interactive Services Detection Service will start.

Comments (2)

  1. alex says:


    "server stability for compatibility"

    A bit more specific would be useful, do you have any links describing what side effects one can encounter by enabling this?

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Robert, we have changed the value of the service which allowed the service to start without a reboot of the server. The service it self is set as “manual” as such the application attempting to start the service will start and stop the service when needed. Can you provide more information on what stability issues you have seen?

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