Tip of the Day: Deduplication Cheat Sheet

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Here is a quick reference sheet for Windows Server 2012 deduplication.

  •  The Dedup feature is not installed by default
  • Dedup is a Server only feature
  • Dedup is not supported on:
    • FAT volumes
    • Boot or System Volumes
    • Remote Drives
    • Cluster Shared Volumes (supported on non CSV volumes on cluster)
    • ReFS
    • 3rd party file systems
  • Dedup
         skips the following file types:
    • Encrypted Files
    • Files with 'extended attributes'
    • Files < 64KB in size, reparse points
  • Dedup volumes can be backed up and restored optimized

NOTE:  In Window 2012 R2 support is added for Cluster Shared Volumes.

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