Tip of the Day: ReFS not a replacement for NTFS

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Windows Server 2012 comes with a new file system, ReFS (Resilient File System).  This file system is not meant to be a replacement for NTFS.  It is merely meant to handle a small subset of what NTFS does.  There are a number of things in NTFS that are not part of ReFS.  Here is a reference guide that you can keep handy to help you quickly field questions.


Functionality NTFS ReFS
Named Streams Yes No
File System Compression Yes No
File System Encryption Yes No
Sparse Files Yes Yes/No*
Hard Links Yes No
Extended Attributes Yes No
Quota Yes No
Boot to file system Yes No
Supported on removable media Yes No
Failover Cluster support Yes Yes
Deduplication Yes No
BitLocker encryption Yes Yes
Access-control lists Yes Yes
USN journal Yes Yes
Change notifications Yes Yes
Junction points Yes Yes
Mount points Yes Yes
Reparse points Yes Yes
Volume snapshots Yes Yes
File IDs Yes Yes
Oplocks Yes Yes
VSS snapshot support Yes Yes
Availability Server/Client Server
Usable with WDS Yes No


*Data streams can be sparse but integrity streams cannot.

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