Office 365: More options button missing when configuring migration batch

In Office 365 mailboxes are migrated to the service by configuring a migration batch.  When establishing the move configuration settings a “More Options” button was present.  The “More Options” button allowed administrators to configure the bad item limit and large item limit when the migration batch is created.




In current versions of the Office 365 / Exchange management tools the “More Options” button is missing.




The “More Options” button was removed as a part of the Office 365 / Exchange Management tools upgrade. 


If the bad item limit and large item limit must be adjusted, they must now be adjusted after the migration batch has been created.  These settings can only be adjusted on a migration batch that is not in progress. 


When creating new migration batches where these settings should be modified administrators should select the option “Manually start the batch later (by selecting it in the migration dashboard and then clicking Start)”.  This will stage the migration batch but not start it, allowing administrators to immediately adjust the bad item and large item limits.  The status of the migration batch will be “created”.




If the migration batch was created and has started it must be stopped.  This can be performed by selecting the migration batch and pressing the stop button (square button).  This will place the migration batch into a “stopped” state.




With the migration batch created or stopped the properties of the batch can be accessed by selecting the batch and pressing the edit button (pencil button).  On the properties of the batch, on the general tab, the bad item limit and large item limit are editable. 




After entering the appropriate values the save button can be utilized to commit the changes to the batch.  The batch can then be started or resumed by selecting the batch and pressing the resume button (play button). 


At this time we expect the “More Options” button to appear in the Office 365 / Exchange management tools in a future version. 

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  1. After I asked several of my customers to open tickets on this, it appears to be fixed.

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