Part 9: Datacenter Activation Coordination: An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers

As a part of a datacenter switchover process, administrators run Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup to stop DAG members in the failed datacenter.  This cmdlet is responsible for updating the stoppedMailboxServers attribute of the DAG object within Active Directory.


When this command is run and multiple AD sites are involved, the command attempts to force AD replication between the sites so that all AD sites are aware of the stopped mailbox servers.  This allows us to bypass issues that can arise when non-default replication times are used on AD site replication connections. 


In many cases, not only are the Exchange severs in the primary datacenter failed, but so are the supporting domain controllers for that AD site.  There may also be scenarios where the remote site where the command is being executed has no network connectivity to domain controllers in the primary site.  When this occurs, Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup fails with the following error:


[PS] C:\>Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite Exchange-B -ConfigurationOnly:$TRUE -Identity DAG

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Stopping Mailbox servers for Active Directory site "Exchange-B" in database availability group "DAG".
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WARNING: Active Directory couldn't be updated in Exchange-B site(s) affected by the change to 'DAG'. It won't be
completely usable until after Active Directory replication occurs.
An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers.
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [], ADServerSettingsChangedException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 3647E7F3


If this error occurs as a result of issuing Stop-DatabaseAvailbilityGroup when known connectivity issues exist to domain controllers in the site hosting the Exchange servers that are being stopped, the error can be safely ignored.  When domain controllers come back up in the primary datacenter normal Active Directory replication will handle populating this attribute on those domain controllers and other safeguards exist in the product not necessitating this attribute be updated for the solution to function.



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  1. TIMMCMIC says:


    I'm glad you appreciated it.


  2. Alan Wang says:

    I've found that the Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet would finish successfully without -ConfigurationOnly switch if DCs in the primary datacenter are also not accessible. TechNet actually says "The ConfigurationOnly parameter must be used when the DAG member servers are offline, but Active Directory is up and accessible in the primary datacenter."

  3. TIMMCMIC says:


    I'm not sure what your question or comment is about.  When using stop-dag, with or without the -configurationonly switch, if domain controllers in the primary site are not accessible this error will occur.


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