Green Machine 1.04

Minor update. Added the ability to filter by groups using the -group option.

Example command line:

GreenMachine.exe -group "All Windows Computers" -v -reset

The group must contain objects of the class we are scanning. So, if you use -class, with -group, the group must contain objects.

Also contained in this release is the full source code. 


Note: Subgroups are not supported.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great tool, with lots of possibilities!

    @Shahid: I use it for resetting the Logical Disk Fragmentation as well.

    Never tested the extra group though, but keep it simple and use:

    greenmachine – class "Windows Server 2003/2008 Logical Disk" -w -v -reset

    use the -q option if your scheduling it. Next week I will try to test it on R2CU4 and if i'll remember it, I will post the result here.


  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks…great tool and it gets better with every release.

    We are attempting to pass the computer name using the -filter command but we get "Unknown command line option".  We have tried -filter computername, -filter %computername%, -filter 'computername%', and filter -'computername'.  Can you give some guidance on how to pass this?

  3. Great tool! I'm trying to reset only warning states for a specific class, although it shows error states to of the class even though I'm using the -w switch.

    greenmachine -class "Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk" -w

    Is this a known "feature"? 🙂

    Thank You,


  4. says:

    Hey Tim,

    I created a group named FSS_Defrag_Servers and an override only runs Defrag task on this group only. As you know after the defrag is complete(failed or success), it still shows the servers in warning state, so next week when the Fragmentation process is kicked off – above servers are set to healthy.

    Question Feature Request

    Can i use GreenMachine as below ?

    GreenMachine.exe -group "FSS_Defrag_Servers" -w -class "Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk" -v -reset


    GreenMachine.exe -group "FSS_Defrag_Servers" -v -reset

    Thank you


  5. Erik says:

    Just curious, has this been tested against CU3?  I am seeing some issues where the health services crash and am trying to figure out if CU3 has introduced a regression or if it is something else.

  6. Ian C. says:


    Internal file version is still

  7. anton says:

    Hello, this tool is not working with SCOM 2012…  please update…

  8. psix says:

    Dont work on scom 2012 ++++

    Please update !!! THX !

  9. Mark Derouen says:

    It works with 2012

    greenmachine.exe -I -reset

    this reset all monitors to healthy.

  10. Rick Jury says:

    This tool is fantastic – I have been trying to powershell away the thousands of instances of manual reset Group Policy monitors that clogg up our SCOM 2007. This does this very well. One suggestion to make it even more awesome – if there was a switch to either reset monitors that no longer have an open associated alarm, or alternately to do reset where the change of state was older than x days. in my case I’m going to end up closing all the group policy manual resets even though <5% of them are still valid because they are new.

  11. Hi … New user of this tool (well almost)
    I get the following error when trying to run it : Could not connect to the localhost : The sdk service is either not running or not yet initialized. Not connected to localhost.

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