Greenmachine 2016 – 1.07

Greenmachine for SCOM 2016.  Requires .NET 4.5, no functionality changes. greenmachine2016  


GreenMachine 1.06 – Minor Bug Fix

Fixed an issue where -class System.NetworkDevice and -A would not work together. GreenMachine106


GreenMachine 2012

This is an updated version of GreenMachine that works better on SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2012 R2 GreenMachine


Green Machine 1.04

Minor update. Added the ability to filter by groups using the -group option. Example command line:GreenMachine.exe -group “All Windows Computers” -v -reset The group must contain objects of the class we are scanning. So, if you use -class, with -group, the group must contain objects. Also contained in this release is the full…


Updated version of GreenmachineR2

V1.03 Changes: – Minor bug fixes – Cleaned up -h output – Added the ability to specify the friendly name of a class with the -class option – Will now scan the top node of a monitor – Also displays if a monitor is in MM (and the -i option can be used to scan…


GreenMachine R2 updated!

Kevin Holman had some great feature requests, and a few others were gettings this error when attempting to run against an R2 RTM server:  Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: MonitoringObjectCriteria cannot be applied to an abstract class.Parameter name: monitoringClass   at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.MonitoringObjectCriteria..ctor(String criteria, MonitoringClass monitoringClass)   at GreenMachine.Program.Main(String[] args)  I have completly re-worked this part of the code, and…


GreenMachine R2

No code changes were made, but this was re-compiled against R2 dll’s.  If you try to run the old version on an R2 server, it will fail in non-obvious ways. Here is the re-compiled version.   GreenMachine


Announcing the GreenMachine utility for OperationsManager RTM, SP1, and R2

GreenMachine is an OpsMgr Utility that can be used to reset or recalculate all monitors for a single agent, or for all agents in your management group. Command line tool that facilitates bulk reset of health monitors. This can be very useful if you just had an event storm, and you want to reset everything back…


Example logical diskspace monitoring script for use with SCOM 2007

 I wrote this script to demonstrate some of the new scripting techniques in SCOM, and to remedy a problem I noticed when monitoring logical disk counters. The default rule included in SCOM will perform an AND query for “% Free Space”, and “Free Megabytes”. There is no easy method to monitor just one counter of these values.  …


Howto create a generic text log (alert) in SCOM 2007 or SCE

  Howto create a generic text log (alert)   From Authoring, right click on “rules”, and select “Create  a new rule…” Select “Generic Text Log (Alert)”, and your target management pack Enter the rule name, and description. Hit Select to pick a target. In this case, I am selecting the “Windows Server” Target. Enter the…