DirectX Blog is Live

In order to consolidate a lot of the information from various blogs, we decided to create a common DirectX blog. You can find it here:  This is where I’ll be posting upcoming information about Direct2D. I may link from this blog, but assume that the DirectX blog is the place to go. 🙂

Direct2D Sample Videos

ChartDemo.wmv — Although D2D can render thousands (the exact amount depends on the video hardware that’s used, quality of drivers, amount of memory, etc) of anti-aliased primitives per second, there are some cases where even greater performance is required. ChartDemo demonstrates an alternative approach that uses aliased lines and rectangles (primitives that have been highly optimized in D2D)…


Introducing the Microsoft Direct2D API

One of the challenging aspects of working on a product development team is that you often have to keep the subject of your work secret for various reasons. I’m a Dev Lead in the Windows Desktop Graphics organization, and my team has been working quietly for the past year on an exciting new graphics technology…