Direct2D Sample Videos

ChartDemo.wmv — Although D2D can render thousands (the exact amount depends on the video hardware that’s used, quality of drivers, amount of memory, etc) of anti-aliased primitives per second, there are some cases where even greater performance is required. ChartDemo demonstrates an alternative approach that uses aliased lines and rectangles (primitives that have been highly optimized in D2D)…


Direct2D Interop with Direct3D10

Tom Mulcahy is a Software Design Engineer on the Direct2D team. He posted a cool sample on his blog (Zemblanity) that demonstrates how to do interop between Direct2D and Direct3D10. Check it out.  

Using Direct2D

In today’s post, we’re going to walk through a simple demonstration of Direct2D. We’re not going to cover advanced features, such as interop with GDI/GDI+ or Direct3D. More on that in upcoming posts.   Direct2D integrates seamlessly into the familiar Win32 programming paradigm, and follows a usage pattern which is similar to Direct3D. First, you…