Service Manager 2012 R2– Fixes included

With the release of Service Manager 2012 R2, the list below contains the known bugs that are fixed.

Also note that some of the fixes addressed in the R2 release are also fixed in the SCSM2012 SP1 UR4 release.(


SM setup does not allow change from evaluation to licensed

SMDW: "Invalid object name <table>" thrown when running ETL process in DWRepository

MPB/MP resources cannot be patched

DW no longer receiving new data after failing to create primary key

Remove VS Shell from Authoring Tool

SM&DW on Server Core Install Failure

Date dimension has order attributes and relationship attributes incorrectly configured

Loc-Hungarian: Delete items dialog box information don't be locatized for Hungarian

SCSM2012 Inconsistent time format in SR and RA

Secondary Management Server - Cannot set availability on a health service that doesn’t exist

When EntityChangeLogID value grows beyond the 32 bit signed integer limit, expanding the service catalog results in error

SCSM - Exchange MP stuck in Pending Association in MPSync Job

Transform.Common timeout and failure

Transform failing in TransformGroupContainsConfigItemFact "The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted"

System.OverflowException generated when trying to insert EntityChangeLogId into ManagedType tables (MT_*)

Review Activity add reviewer workflow fail to run in SCSM2012 sp1 running in windows Server 2012

After SP1 upgrade, new "Service Dependents" entries created for "Business Services" cannot be seen in the console anymore

RunbookMonitorWorkflow cannot handle failed status of runbook

SCSM 2012:SP1: Regression- Simple lists do not function correctly in SSP after upgrading to SP1

Authoring tool install fails for x86 OS (Win8 x86) because of SxS settings

SCSM2012 customer get many 33610 events on different rules and subscriptions.

Service Request will complete unexpectedly

SCSM 2012 - If the amount of „Manual Activities” exceeds a unknown limit, the „Manual Activities“ weren’t displayed in the SMPortal

Console Crashes when double-clicking Parent Incident link on an extended Incident class object

SCSM2012SP1:File attachments are not getting properly saved

Connector cannot be created/edited after upgrading of SM console

SCSM - Exchange MP stuck in Pending Association in MPSync Job

Powershell tasks created via the authoring tool don't run

Subsequent activities start to run even though the current activity has not finished yet.

Service Requests - incorrectly evaluated as completed

SCOM2012 the SQL broker conversations can lead to very large OperationsManager DB size and TempDB size

The status of SR becomes "completed" though it's canceled manually


Comments (17)
  1. Hi JW

    You need to create a support case at Microsoft, as they can provide the utility to change the eval.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I too was frustrated with the performance of the SSP and Console. Have you looked into our HTML 5 Analyst Web Portal, and Self-Service Portal? Both are combined to access from one web site.
    Self Service Portal Unleashed!” Webinar |

  3. doodlemania says:

    Kind of sad that this is all that is "new" in Service Manager when a new HTML5 based portal that serves the end users and a web based console is so desperately needed.

  4. Mr. Terrible says:

    I agree. Service Manager is terrible right now. I'd rather go and use spiceworks and save myself the headache and embarrasement of this system. In theory, great idea; in reality, terrible to use and manage.

  5. Dave.Olive says:

    Agreed. All I hear from my users is how much better ServiceNow is. It's very hard to justify Service Manager as it exists today.

  6. Peter says:

    I use Service Manager and it is great. Whoever wrote above is obviously blogging for ServiceNow!!! "Mr Terrible"

    Service Manager is by far streets ahead of all other Service Desks. It enables data driven processes where other service desks cannot build a CMDB.

  7. Dave.Olive says:

    Peter, not blogging for ServiceNow at all. I'm one of the few in my org trying to get the product up and running but am let down by a lackluster portal and console. Our comments are valid with basically no improvements made in the R2 timeframe for the product and there being very real issues with console performance today.

  8. Derek Deida says:

    I've used Remedy, Altiris, Infra, ABS, Service-Now… and now Service Manager. Service Manager is one of the worst ticketing systems I have used. The performance of the Silverlight "fat client" is abysmal – especially when attempting to use the product remotely over a 3G4G connection. The data payload when loading a ticket is quite large, the memory utilization of the client is high, it's buggy and it crashes errors regularly.

    To echo other's comments… the concept of Service Manager is great – but the implementation is bad and it's hard to justify using it to end users. My company got it for free along with Configuration Manager – which is why we are using it. It's extremely unpopular with our user base.

    Service-Now, on the other hand, is excellent. Infinitely and easily customizable, externally hosted with great uptime… and FAST. I don't work there either – FYI. 🙂

  9. Derek Deida says:

    Also FYI –

    A better performing HTML 5 front-end is also supposed to be coming for Service Manager…

    Internal politics at Microsoft resulted in them selecting Silverlight – against the recommendations of the product team. MS was trying to push its Silverlight technology… which it has now abandoned. They actually came to the product team about six weeks from launch and asked if they could ditch the Silverlight client and replace it with HTML 5 – which obviously was impossible to pull off…

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Thomas Ellermann posted a great breakdown on the updates in R2 for Service Manager 2012. The focus in

  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. Ben says:

    So wait.. I’m confused with the upgrade path from SCSM Sp1 CU4.

    CU6 says that it is for Service Manager 2012 Sp1
    Service manager 2012 R2 "includes some updates from CU4" (no mention of CU6)
    CU4 is superseded by CU6

    So, should the correct upgrade path be:
    SCSM SP1 CU4 –> SCSM SP1 CU6 –> SCSM R2?


    Can I apply the R2 update on top of SP1 Cu4 making the product then become SCSM R2 SP1 CU4?
    (Meaning that when CU8 "for SCSM SP1" comes out it will still apply to BOTH Sp1 and R2 products…)

  14. JW says:

    Does anyone know how to accomplish bug fix #1 on the list?

    "SM setup does not allow change from evaluation to licensed"

    I urgently need to do this.

  15. Vikas Madan says:

    From this blog post I read that "SM setup does not allow change from evaluation to licensed" issue is fixed in SCSM 2012 R2. How do we add a license key? I’m running SCSM 2012 R2 Eval.

    Your response will be a great help to solve a critical problem.

  16. TrickyD says:

    Vikas – as Thomas states, raise a support case and this can be handled for you.

  17. Brummi says:

    Is it supported to install the new portal on the same server as the service manager server.
    Any recommandation/best practices for fault tolerance?



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