Dell Equallogic MP v.4.1 – Not supported on Clustered RMS

I was working with the Dell Equallogic Management pack, v.4.1 and had problems getting it to discover the SAN ifself.

The customer had installed the DLL-Helper utility on both of the nodes on the RMS-Cluster and in the log we found the following:

Discovery data couldn't be inserted to the database. This could have happened because  of
one of the following reasons: 

       - Discovery data is stale. The discovery data is generated by an MP recently deleted.

       - Database connectivity problems or database running out of space.

       - Discovery data received is not valid.

The following details should help to further diagnose:

DiscoveryId: 9513b193-84d2-fb5d-51ae-f8359217e0a6

HealthServiceId: a919d879-654f-cef7-d15d-b217a92eb402

Invalid relationship source specified in the discovery data item.

RelationshipSourceBaseManagedEntityId: bec5d4e3-0a57-4b5c-7d71-301eba07a245

RuleId: 9513b193-84d2-fb5d-51ae-f8359217e0a6


<?xml version="1.0"
/><SourceRole><Settings><Setting><Name>5c324096-d928-76db-e9e7-e629dcc261b1</Name><Value>SCOM Cluster Node</Value></Setting></Settings></SourceRole><TargetRole><Settings><Setting><Name>5c324096-d928-76db-e9e7-e629dcc261b1</Name><Value>SCOM Cluster Node<Value></Setting><Setting><Name>4f8832c6-1432-19bb-15b5-5a895390a399</Name><Value></Value></Setting></Settings></TargetRole></RelationshipInstance>.

It turned out the the discovery can't combine the SAN with a clustered RMS and installing the DLL-Helper utility on a standalone Management server and using that as the Proxy Agent solved the problem.


Conclusion, the Dell Equallogic MP v.4.1, DLL-Helper utlity, needs to be installed on a non-clustered Management server.


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  1. thomas says:

    The clustered RMS configuration is now supported by the new version of Dell EqualLogic MP v5.0.…/DriverDetails



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