MDT failes to identify Chassis Type 1Eh (30),1Fh (31)

With all new chassis coming to the market you my run in to issue for MDT to detect the chassis type for Convertible 1Eh (30) or 1Fh (31)

During the OSD the Task Sequence steps with IsLaptop = true will not execute on those machines

In a test environment add 30,31 in ZTIGateher.wsf
Bewear that this file can be changed / updated when a new version of MDT is installed.











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  1. eXistenZ78 says:

    I have added chassistype 31 to the ztigather.zti, hiwever my task sequence is still skipping it, any idea ?

    1. If you look in to WMI, what do you get?

      SELECT * FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure

      1. eXistenZ78 says:

        Already checked : 31

  2. Stefan Farnik says:

    hallo Thomas,

    as those are Tablet and Convertible (see:,
    woudn’t it be better placed in the condition which sets IsLaptop to True ?

  3. I would use this instead (adding a few other types):

    Select Case objInstance.ChassisTypes(0)
    Case “8”, “9”, “10”, “11”, “12”, “14”, “18”, “21”, “30”, “31”, “32”
    bIsLaptop = true
    Case “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “15”, “16”, “35”, “36”
    bIsDesktop = true
    Case “23”, “28”
    bIsServer = true
    Case Else
    ‘ Do nothing
    End Select

    If using Lite Touch, make sure to update your boot image afterwards. If using ConfigMgr, update the MDT tools package.

  4. Jarno Ahokas says:

    Yesterday I runned into chassistype 13 “All-In-One” with HP EliteOne 800 G2 AiO model, which should be a desktop.

  5. neste site says:

    Seu blog está ótimo! Obrigado pela informação limpa, clara e objetiva!

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